Keeping In Step With PBL

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Intro and Goals
Welcome to Keeping in Step with PBL. In this workshop you will learn how PBL can be a powerful method for delivering curriculum. This workshop is comprised of over 25 activities supplied here online and in your workshop material. It also will include an extensive presentation, some workshop time, and a 10 courses step to help you create a PBL Unit.

In order to participate in this workshop you will need a computer, internet access, workshop workbook, a past lesson or two, content standards for these lessons, and a passion to want to learn and apply. There will be a lot of information and you are encouraged to use as little or as much as you wish. Tune in and try to learn in the presentations as you travel at your own pace during the workshop times.Remember that this website will be yours to use even after the professional development.

Most of all it, is a goal that you walk away with some valuable resources and plans so that you can do Step Through PBL and STEM


Workshop Goals and Objectives
Gain an understanding curricular and outside world connections
Understand the eight elements of PBL as defined by BIE
Understand that PBL is made up of Why, What, How, and Apply
Appreciate how PBL can be the process of Apply and How necessary in the Common Core
Learn about Web based PBL resource sites
Gain access challenges that can relate to PBL and scaffolding within
Apply Bloom Revisions and provide ways to place the child at the center of learning
Learn that past units can be transformed
Understand that any lesson must be rooted in important content standards found in the curriculum
Learn the importance of facilitating and assessing 21st century skills
Understand the core 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity
Write driving questions that are based on the essential question and promote engagement through title and theme
Focus on Inquiry that is both convergent and divergent
Understand the importance of student "needs to know" and how it uncovers curriculum
Explore Web 2.0 and other technology and learn how they can provide engagement
Appreciate that technology should be used for both student consumption and production
Understand the importance of an Advance Organizer and how it can be developed as an entry event
Explore and mine the web for scaffolding components that provide formative learning opportunities
Address differences and similarities in formative learning and formative assessment
Understand the importance of authenticity
Appreciate the need to line up lesson and assessment within the constraints of content standards
Explore assessment in relationship to a balance of 21st century skills and content
Explore assessment in relationship to a balance of individual and group products
Incorporate lessons that are based on rubrics which measure a wide variety of student performance
Incorporate lessons that follow an appropriate timeline of formative learning experiences supporting standards
Collect a variety of resources necessary to transform a lesson for the 21st century
Have opportunity to sustain learning with provided resources
Gain an understanding for supporting PBL from dsitrict, community, and state percpectives
Manage and sustain PBL
Facilitate PBL from an administrative stand point

Day One and Activity... BP Brain Storm

Day One and Activity... BP Brain Storm


Activity... Marshmallows and Dewey (link to Marshmallow Challenge)


Workshop A ... Notes on The Eight Essential Elements of PBL


Workshop A... Note Taking

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21st Century Skills -

In Depth Inquiry -

Driving Question -

Need To Know -

Voice and Choice -

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