Workshop G... The Driving Question (PBL... STEP FOUR)


Workshop G … What is your driving question that will uncover the content?

What essential questions is it based on?

BIE Information Driving Question Tubric 2.0 - The DQ TUBRIC 2.0 is not only a great hands-on activity for teachers during professional development, but it's also a great collaborative tool to help your students create their own Driving Questions for their projects. So just download it, print it, and build it!

Tubric Video - Explains the tubric

Crafting a Driving Question - A project without a Driving Question is like an essay without a thesis. Without one, a reader might be able to pick out the main point a writer is trying to make, but with a thesis the main point is unmistakable. Without a Driving Question, students may not understand why they are doing the project.

Practice with Driving Questions - Once you have the project theme or a "big idea" for a project, capture the theme in the form of a problem or a question that cannot easily be solved or answered. Click the button next to each guideline below to view example questions.

More DQ Driving Questions vs Educationese - Article that has been worked on by Michel Gorman at 21centuryedtech

Driving Question Essential - check off list for use when crafting Driving Questions.... from PBL Education Associates

Jetspost - Article defining concepts of the Driving Question

Characteristics of a Driving Question - Information from the University of Michigan.

Edutopia Links For DQ The Right Way to Ask Questions in the Classroom posted by Ben Johnson

Posing a question to the class, allowing for think time, and then calling on a student is one simple strategy for engaging students in better academic discourse.

3/30/2009 | 154 commentsBLOG

How to Write Effective Driving Questions for Project-Based Learning posted by Andrew Miller

Good driving questions are written to help guide the teacher and the student.

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How to Refine Driving Questions for Effective Project-Based Learning posted by Andrew Miller

Identify the type of question you want to ask, focus for your desired outcome, then ensure it's appropriate for the students and their culture.


New to PBL - Help with driving question!! Art + Math A 5th grade math teacher needs help creating a driving question for a project incorporating art masterpieces in math by replicating them. "This will deal with scale, lines, angles, etc. We need some help with a driving question?" some response include, " Before the driving question ask "what is it that I want the students to know ... look for your driving question that is connected to the art and come up with the different strategies .."