Day 3

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Workshop R... Assessment


Workshop R… How will you assess?

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Assessment Resources

Create or Remix Your Own Rubric with RubiStar - An amazing sites to create, store, share, and remix all kinds of rubrics.

Rcampus - Countless rubrics that can be remixed... or start from scratch.

Rubric Collections
BIE Freebies - Growing collection of rubrics dedicated to PBL

West Virginia - Great collection of PBL Rubrics covering all areas.

Rubrics - Talledago Schools has this wonderful supply of rubrics for PBL Check out the Rubric Section.

PBL Checklists - To help you start using PBL, 4teachers has created age-appropriate, customizable project checklists for written reports, multimedia projects, oral presentations, and science projects. The use of these checklists keeps students on track and allows them to take responsibility for their own learning through peer- and self-evaluation.
PBL Project Checklists in English
PBL Project Checklists en Español
They also have customizable rubrics for multimedia projects, work skills, experiments, oral projects, and many more -- all available at **RubiStar**!

BeAPart Rubric Collection - Some great PBL centered rubrics and tools.

The Four C'sCritical Thinking

Critical - Wonderful place to learn more about critical thinking. Check out their Assessment and Testing Page filled with some great handouts such as Criteria for critical thinking assignments. and Rubrics for assessing student reasoning abilities .

Catalina Foothills Critical Thinking Rubrics - Catalina Foothills School District created a series of rubrics to assess student critical thinking skills. The rubrics measures critical thinking skills such as comparing, classifying, inductive and deductive reasoning, error analysis, and decision making.
Available from Route 21.


A Different Place - This site has some wonderful ideas. Checkout their creativity rubric. Also there are rubrics on: [ deductivereasoning ] [ goalsetting ] [ higherorderthinking ] [ divergentthinking ]

AACU Creativity Rubric - Another fine document from AACU


New Tech High Collaboration Rubric - New Technology High School created a rubric to assess student collaboration and teamwork skills. The rubric measures collaboration and teamwork by students' leadership and initiative, facilitation and support, and contributions and work ethic.. Available from Route 21.

BIE Collaboration Rubric - This rubric helps assess students' collaboration skills in the categories of Responsibility for Oneself, Helping the Team, and Respect for Others.


Rio Vista School Communication Rubric - Rio Vista Elementary uses this rubric to to measure students' communications skills. It offers strategies for clearly and easily evaluating oral and written communications, as well as the usage of presentation tools and technology. Available from Route 21.

BIE Presentation Rubric - This rubrics helps assess students' presentation skills in the categories of Eye Contact & Physical Presence, Speaking, Organization, Audio/Visual Aids, Response to Audience Questions.

More Assessment Ideas

Comprehensive Assessment: A New York City Success Story - Through constant investment in the assessment process, both students and teachers strive for true learning at School of the Future, a 6-12 school in Manhattan. (Courtesy Edutopia)

Comprehensive Assessment : An Overview - Performance assessments offer a richer, more holistic approach to evaluating what students know and can do. ((Courtesy Edutopia)

The Authentic Assessment Toolbox - Authentic assessment is a form of assessment in which students are asked to perform real-world tasks that demonstrate meaningful application of essential knowledge and skills. Or, as Grant Wiggins (1993) describes it, authentic measures are “engaging and worthy problems or questions of importance, in which students must use knowledge to fashion performances effectively and creatively. The tasks are either replicas of or analogous to the kinds of problems faced by adult citizens and consumers or professionals in the field.” Authentic tasks can range from analyzing a political cartoon to making observations of the natural world to computing the amount of paint needed to cover a particular room to performing in a chorale. Visit the toolbox to learn more.

Authentic Assessment Overview - How well do multiple-choice tests really evaluate student understanding and achievement? Many educators believe that there is a more effective assessment alternative. These teachers use testing strategies that do not focus entirely on recalling facts. Instead, they ask students to demonstrate skills and concepts they have learned. This strategy is called authentic assessment. (Teacher Vision)

Creating Meaningful Authentic Assessment - Performance assessment is a viable alternative to norm-referenced tests. Teachers can use performance assessment to obtain a much richer and more complete picture of what students know and are able to do. (Teacher Vision)

Assessing PBL Units, Teacher Progress, and School Implimentation

BIE Project Design Rubric - This rubric helps educators design and assess projects to ensure they address the Essential Elements of PBL.

Project Assessment Rubric - The Project Essentials Checklist could be used for a quick evaluation of a project's design, to see if it includes all the essential elements of rigorous, effective PBL.