Workshop S... Management of PBL


Workshop S… Feel free to list notes for management techniques.

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Management Resources

Contracts West Virginia - A large supply of contracts and some logs.

Talladega - Check out their great collection under Group Contracts and Team Information

Aviation High School Contract - Contract used in Wing Project courtesy of Aviation High School

Elements of a contact - Look in this document to find elements to think about when constructing a contract..

West Virginia - Collection of sheets that could be useful for meta-cognition

Student Daily Log - Journal with accountability built in.

Electronic Daily Feedback Form - Wonderful template using Google Docs

BIE Electronic Planner - This tools allows you to plan, store, and share your projects. Check out this video tutorial.

Edmodo PBL Community - Come here to collaborate and share with other PBL teachers across the world.

4TeachersPBL - A selection of great checklists for PBL

Diigo - Save all your bookmarks in one place on the web. Students can even collaborate together on bookmarks.

Scrumy - Great tool to manage a group on their project from start to finish. Example

PrintFriendly - Great information on a site you like... turn it in to a clean PDF file you can post or print. \

ClassDojo - Great class management tool that can be used in PBL.

QR Code Reader - Create a Qr code for easy scanning by students.