Workshop Z.. Notes


Workshop Z … Notes

Michael Gorman



Twitter: mjgormans

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I have been getting a lot of requests asking if I will make a visit to your school, organization, or conference. While I work in a school district conducting professional development for technology integration, transformation, one to one, and PBL , I also have some limited time to work with other districts and present at conferences. I feel my role as a current practitioner with 35 years of educational experience along with recent advanced degree work at Johns Hopkins University has been valuable to those I work with. I have also consulted for Discovery Education, Buck Institute, ISTE, Alan November Learning and am a tech adviser for Tech and Learning Magazine.

I am excited about any way I can assist you in providing professional development and presentations. I have had the opportunity to network and train thousands of educators across the country on topics that include PBL, 21st Century Learning, STEM, Digital Curriculum, One to One, and Educational Transformation. You can see past topic below along with over one hundred appearances, presentations, and workshops I have been involved with across the country. Please note that it is helpful to plan in advance to guarantee needed dates. I invite your inquiry at:

Presentations Include:

Welcome To The Future… Free and Inexpensive Resources With Rich Results

No Future Left Behind… Seven Step Approach To Educational Transformation

Digital Natives and Digital Natives…. Converge, Learn, Create

A Storybook Of Project Based Learning… Ten Chapters Of Technology Integration

Scratch… Transform… Remix…Innovate STEM and PBL


Are There Really Whales In Lake Michigan? Evaluating Web Pages… An A-G Approach

The Googal In Google: Basic to Advanced In Full Speed, 3D, High Def Color!

The Process of PBL and 21 Century Education… It’s Not The Content, But It Does Make Content Happen

Inquiry and The Web… Searching and The Common Core

Building PLN’s for 21st Century Learning

Creativity and Student Centered learning

Who Owns The In-service?

Curating the Digital Curriculum to Put Students in the Middle