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    Voice and Choice -
    Revision and Reflection -
    Audience -

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    Workshop Z.. Notes
    Workshop Z … Notes
    Michael Gorman
    Twitter: mjgormans
    Booking Info for Michael Gorman
    I have been getting a lot of requests asking if I will make a visit to your school, organization, or conference. While I work in a school district conducting professional development for technology integration, transformation, one to one, and PBL , I also have some limited time to work with other districts and present at conferences. I feel my role as a current practitioner with 35 years of educational experience along with recent advanced degree work at Johns Hopkins University has been valuable to those I work with. I have also consulted for Discovery Education, Buck Institute, ISTE, Alan November Learning and am a tech adviser for Tech and Learning Magazine.
    I am excited about any way I can assist you in providing professional development and presentations. I have had the opportunity to network and train thousands of educators across the country on topics that include PBL, 21st Century Learning, STEM, Digital Curriculum, One to One, and Educational Transformation. You can see past topic below along with over one hundred appearances, presentations, and workshops I have been involved with across the country. Please note that it is helpful to plan in advance to guarantee needed dates. I invite your inquiry at:
    Presentations Include:
    Welcome To The Future… Free and Inexpensive Resources With Rich Results
    No Future Left Behind… Seven Step Approach To Educational Transformation
    Digital Natives and Digital Natives…. Converge, Learn, Create
    A Storybook Of Project Based Learning… Ten Chapters Of Technology Integration
    Scratch… Transform… Remix…Innovate STEM and PBL
    Are There Really Whales In Lake Michigan? Evaluating Web Pages… An A-G Approach
    The Googal In Google: Basic to Advanced In Full Speed, 3D, High Def Color!
    The Process of PBL and 21 Century Education… It’s Not The Content, But It Does Make Content Happen
    Inquiry and The Web… Searching and The Common Core
    Building PLN’s for 21st Century Learning
    Creativity and Student Centered learning
    Who Owns The In-service?
    Curating the Digital Curriculum to Put Students in the Middle

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    Workshop Y.. Critical Friends Feedback
    Workshop Y… Write down information and be ready to present your project
    1. Project Idea -
    2. Standards -
    3. 21st Century Skills -
    4. Driving Question -
    5. Need To Know -
    6. In-Depth Inquiry -
    7. Voice and Choice -
    8. Public Audience -
    9. Revision and reflection -
    10. Alignment -
    I Like -
    I Wonder -
    I Have -

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    Workshop X... Web 2.0 and PBL
    Workshop X… Explore some of these fun and easy to learn Web 2.0 tools. How might you use one or two for your project?
    Tool explored -
    How I might Use -
    Tool explored -
    How I might Use -
    Take a break and discover some fun, quick Web 2.0 tools to learn
    Twitter Search - Use this if you do not have an account. You can still do a lot of searching. I highlight it this post.
    Print Friendly - Quick easy tool to use in order to take the clutter out of a web page and turn it into a PDF to post
    Critical Thinking Puzzles - An excellent site to get the brain sparking. Work in groups, or on your own. Make sure you check out the large archive of past problems!
    Diffen - A great tool to compare almost anything. Can bring about some great discussions. Here is a comparison of animal and plant cells. Or perhaps you wish to compare Mitt Romney with Barack Obama. How about art and science? Notice you can even improve the chart. Great way to have students compare and contrast.
    Solvr - Have a problem to solve? Work it out as a group by posting the URL of the problem and have others contribute. Take a look at how it works at this link. Explore how collaboration can help us all solve a problem.
    The Differentiator - Great tool to help develop a driving or essential question.
    Akinator - Go ahead and give it a try with a partner. If you want to try 20 questions then check here.
    Keepvid - Is that perfect video to help create inquiry or engagement with the diving question blocked? Check out this great video conversion tool.
    Answer Garden - Pose the questions and let students think about answers or further questions.
    Wordle – The original World Cloud Machine. Word Clouds In The Classroom - Welcome to a series of posts devoted to the use of Word Clouds. I know you will find new information… whether you are a seasoned user of word clouds, or brand new. I enjoy working with teachers and helping them use word clouds in their lessons because they are a great way to get any teacher started with integrating technology. In this series of posts I will cover:
    Links for Word Cloud Ideas
    12 Valuable Wordle Tips You Must Read…Word Clouds in Education Series: Part 1
    108 Ways to Use Word Clouds in the Classroom…Word Clouds in Education Series: Part 2
    9 Amazing Word Cloud Generators For The Classroom …Word Clouds in Education Series: Part 3
    Tagxedo: Amazing Word Cloud Generator And 101 Ways To Use It… Word Clouds in Education Series: Part 4

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    Workshop W... Advanced Search Practice
    Workshop W …. Explore Google Advanced and see if you can find ways to use it to incorporate Inquiry in your classroom and also discover possible resources to scaffold your lessons' learning.
    Spend a little time with Wolfram|Alpha and explore. Write down some ideas.
    Resources To Learn More About Searching
    Google Advanced Search - I often present on the importance of Digital Immigrants (most teachers) facilitating Digital Natives (most k12 students) in the use of digital technology. You see, I believe that while today’s digital natives have a affinity for using digital tools… they often do not have the life experiences to utilize these tools to their greatest potential. One example I would like to present to you today is the use of Google as a search engine. I have had many an opportunity to watch students perform various searches with Google during my teaching career. I often see what I claim is inefficient input resulting in a multitude of needless results from Google. Assisting our digital natives in the process of searching is something that all of us as digital immigrants can help with. We have the life experiences and educational background to help our students fine tune their digital skills and become more productive in research. I would suggest that educators direct students towards the Google Advanced Search Engine even before using the Google Basic Search. In fact, I would further suggest that an Advanced Search be used until students understand how to use these advanced techniques in a Basic Search. Why? Read on.
    Google Basic Search - While you may understand why I promote the Advanced Search perhaps you still want to more about a basic search. The Google Basic Search is usually the first place most people begin a search and it is also the last place they end. Many times students just type in some words and get lost in millions of results trying to find an answer. Impressed by the number of hits they get, many times they forget that the art of searching is getting fewer results with relevant answers. I would like to share with you ten important concepts to think about in getting optimal searches from the Google basic search engine. Print this off and hand out to others. It really is the very basic in using Google. Please note that the last item includes over twenty basic commands that will really help you and your students be more productive. Read on for some great information.
    WolframAlpha - OK... I wrote this on Super Bowl Sunday … so how about a little Superbowl fun with a computational search engine. That’s right… a search engine that is built on the foundation of data and statistics. You see, Google is best termed an informational search engine… its strength is looking for facts and information. But by now you may know that I am referring to Wolfram Alpha. This search engine claims, “to bring broad, deep, expert knowledge to everyone… anytime, anywhere!”. They further state, “We aim to collect and curate all objective data; implement every known model, method, and algorithm; and make it possible to compute whatever can be computed about anything. Our goal is to build on the achievements of science and other systematization of knowledge to provide a single source that can be relied on by everyone for definitive answers to factual queries.”I am a believer in this powerful search engine and include it in many of my professional development talks and workshops across the country. It is especially wonderful in those STEM related studies but I am learning that it is powerful in many other areas as well. Today, I began to wonder about the claim of curating all objective data. With the Super Bowl on my mind I decided to put Wolfram Alpha to the test. Read the full article.
    A Google A Day - Try it to practice inquiry.

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    Workshop V... The Advanced Search... Inquiry... And PBL
    Workshop V …. Advanced Search… Please take some notes!

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